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When to know a sign is an actual sign

As of recently, I have been asked the question of if "is it a sign or not?" And that question comes from knowing whether or not we should be taking these social media posts or videos as a sign when it comes to any sort of answer that we are looking for. And I would have to say it’s a bit complicated, but overall, it really has to deal with your own discernment. So let’s take a TikTok video, for example. Let’s say for instance, that within the video they give you a card to pull. And you like that post and then within the next couple of videos you get the same kind of card within that video like the one that you had liked before. Now I am not saying this may be a sign or not. But I am saying that you should consider the fact that a lot of the time when we are on social media, we are usually digesting whatever it is that we want to see.

What I mean by this is we are feeding our own algorithm. We only see what we want to see if that makes sense. So, for instance, if any member of any party you were to like a video of their liking for their political party. They would only get videos Recommended or made for that political party that they are interested in or are a part of. And this can well in fact, be the same for the tarot readings that we receive on our feed, whether it be from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and, etc. We have to really use discernment on whether or not this is a sign for us. So would I really suggest doing an order to kind of get a conclusion or even a finalized Solid answer on whether or not it is in fact, a sign given to us, and if a particular sign is for us. I would either go to a reader, or I would go to a person who is able to divine and give you a straightforward answer to what you were looking for or I would probably meditate with my own spirits if it were me. I would also suggest perhaps doing a little one on one with your spirits and asking them for a particular sign in order to kind of see whether or not it was actually meant for you. Now if you are looking, and when I say looking, I mean it in a specific way. And that specific way is actively looking. If you are actively looking for that sign that you had asked your spirits then you should really probably go to someone else who can give you a second perspective. Because that in itself can cause sort of a delusion. And it can also come from our own bias. Especially when we are in desperate need of an answer. So again the steps I would take in order to look at whether or not some thing is for us or a sign for us. I would first get someone’s second opinion or second perspective on things. And make sure you pay that person well and what they are charging. Or if you’re not able to do so, than I would meditate like I said before. Or I would even try to again just have a one on one conversation with my spirits and hope that that kind of sign come for me.

The type of sign that I specifically ask for. And when you do ask for a sign, I want to clarify

that you should probably ask for a sign that is a bit more complicated than seeing a monarch butterfly, or seeing a tree howl through the wind or even rain on a sunny day. Ask them for the unusual kind of sign. One time I had even asked my spirits to send me a calico cat, and to have a walk in front of me to my right, but before it crosses my path fully, I wanted it to at least look at me and stare for a moment. And where I live, there really isn’t necessarily a lot of cats roaming about cause I lived near a busy highway so cats weren’t fond of the cars coming by I assumed. And then one night after I have a ask that particular sign to show up. That unusual situation happened. And the cat did what I asked my spirits to do in order for me to actually get a confirmation. It was funny to me, because I had even felt confused as to why there was this particular cat with the patterns I had specifically asked for over its eye, and then I remembered. This is what I asked for. This was my sign. My own spirits were listening and I was appreciative of it.

If you are well with your spirits and you feed them well, and you were on a good relationship platform with them then go ahead and do a one on one with them. Otherwise again, I would recommend the other options in order to get some sort of confirmation or answer or even, a perspective which is sometimes needed rather than an answer. Hopefully this was helpful and I hope that the examples given were clear enough to be concise and met with precision on your level. I do hope you have a wonderful day and I cherish you all very much. Again, if you have any questions, comments or etc. Please list them below and I will get back to you on anything you would like me to answer. Te amo mis amores.


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2 commentaires

this was helpful, thanks.


26 mars 2023

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, thank you so much for sharing your insight!

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