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Bolsa de Proteccion

Bolsa de Proteccion

Bolsa de Protecion is bag of protection. This bag helps with keeping away el malo ojo, also known as, the evil eye. It also helps with keeping you safe from spiritual harm. This product does not break hexes nor does it break curses already put on you. Please do a cleanse then have this product on you. Any questions with this product. Please message me on here. Thank you. .HOW TO USE THEM: keep them on your person at all times. When needing to rest. Let them rest on a tabletop or an empty space. To recharge. Let them absorb moonlight, sing, breathe, or incense is fine. ....Please Note: This bag will not keep you safe if you are being reckless out of your own will. Do not be going 120mph in a 30mph residentary area.
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    $25.00Sale Price
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