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Divination Oil and how to use it

I want to start off by saying that I not only love the oils I make but there are also other oils out there that could work better for you. Personally I love my divination oil for how it smells. Along with how well it works. I do not mean to toot my own horn but god damn. It has helped cleared my head during divination when there was too much going on. It gave me such clarity as well as a peace of mind during divination. This oil has done right by me.

To use this oil specifically. I personally not only wear it during my own readings. In which I place it around my forehead and neck area. Forehead to gain more clarity and my neck area to have the ancestors or spirit guides that I have speak through me. During these readings with this oil. It can feel like opening a book for the first that you did not understand before. Now you do. It all makes sense and it feels as if all is coming together. Piecing itself to be not only understanding but being able to discern the messages better.

Another way I use the oil is through spell work. Before reading, please be mindful to setup protections along with cleansing yourself beforehand too. I use it on a white candle or blue candle, in which the white provides more lucidity while the blue candle provides communication, and transparency. Along with lighting those two candles and putting your intentions into each candle. Sometimes I put a sigil on the candle by carving the said sigil that represents clarity, divination, or even communication. You do not need to put the sigil but if you feel it is necessary then do so. You will then put the oil on those candles. Rub it in the candles while making sure you say the intentions or prayer or even incantation for divination being clear. If you need a prayer or two for this. I do not mind sending you it. Please message me about it if you have bought the divination oil. Once that is done. You may use herbs and such. If not that is fine. The herbs I use for this is star anise, marshmallow root, mullein, and mugwort. A majority of these herbs can be also found in my shop. Now the final part is lighting the candle and having to divine while the spell work plays out.

I hope you find that helpful along with it being informational enough. These are the ways in which I personally use this oil. It has helped me in so many ruts and droughts of my mind during divining for answers and solutions. If you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to comment them down below. Make sure to login first. Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great week.

Te amo con todo mi corazon


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Thank you so much for giving instructions on how to use your oils! You're the best <3

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