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Proper way to get rid of spellwork waste.

I have been asked the question of what should you do with the remains of a spell working. Now this question is a great question. There needs to be a route taken when asking this question. Evidently I would not know what spell work you are doing, but if the spellwork has an epilogue of what to do with the working itself, then do that. If it calls for it to be buried in your enemies yard or to gift it to someone or even to just bury overall, then do so.

However, I do want to state this before you go and bury dumb shit into somebody’s yard, obviously do not bury plastics and don’t bury trash into the land that isn’t even yours if you aren’t Indigenous to that land. I say that because it’s disrespectful. Ask the land spirits and the water spirits before you dispose of your workings in their area, because if you don’t then ultimately you can face consequences that could be detrimental to your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. I’m not gonna argue with a land spirit or even a water spirit at that. If they are warning you not to throw your workings in their area, then listen closely and do not do it. Now you may be wondering as to how you can find evidence or how you can ask the spirits of the land or water if it’s possible for you to throw your workings in their area. Let’s remember common sense and use it professionally when you are talking to the spirits, because the spirits are not your mom and dad. I do not care what you think, do not go about fucking with the spirits.

Do not let your ego get in the way of trying to squander your guilt or trying to make way for your shitty narrative. I do not care if they said it was OK, when in fact they didn’t. Please listen to them when they say do not throw your stuff away in their area and if they aren’t answering you, then it is possible that you are asking them something that is already an answer. Which is NO. If you do so anyways, and you believe that you can just do what you want and to throw it, then I will personally beat your ass. Because that is so disrespectful and highly unimaginable. It’s just so foul.

Now if you have to bury something in your enemies yard then use biodegradable ingredients. Now, with all this being said, please be mindful of your practice and how you go about disposing your spell works. And again if it calls for it to be buried or to be thrown away in nature, make sure it came from nature. And make sure that it is okay to throw it in the area in which specific spirits are allowing you to do so. To reiterate, by specific spirits I mean the spirits that we talked about earlier which could be land spirits or even water spirits or whichever spirit is native to that area.

Please do not pollute and please do not let your ego overcome the situation at hand and have a bias about whether or not it’s okay to throw away what you were working on. I hope you all have a very wonderful time in your workings and in your practice. If you have any questions or concerns please leave them below and I will be able to get back to you whenever I can. And if you do have some information that would ultimately annihilate my point of view then please provide so and we can have a discussion. I am open to revisiting my perspective and reconstructing what I have said. Other than that, please be safe and please do not be disrespectful when it comes to these spirits.

Thank you mis amores. Te amo con todo mi corazon. Hope this helps.


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