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Domination Oil and How to use it

For Domination Oil, which I have created my own brand of, is primarily used for dominating a person or situation. Domination Oil is an asset and tool to use when you need to convince someone of something. Thus it is perfect for head candles or skull candles on someone. In many cases, this oil can lead you into a path where you could be ruling over your own life. IF you know how to use it correctly. Here are some examples and ways you can use domination oil. One of the many examples I'll use is one where I used a Domination Oil on myself to make me feel and be ahead of my future situation. I used it prior to almost every job interview, and without a doubt. This oil has gotten me many jobs without feeling nervous and even impressing the person conducting my interview. This oil does not need to only be for interviews and such. But given this example. I am sharing that it helped me with a situation in which I was usually nervous- where I felt as if I did not have control. This oil can help you feel control too if that is your so desire with it. Another example where you can utilize this oil is with a person! The Domination Oil is my favorite when I need to convince or change the mind of someone. Make myself be in control of them just a tad bit. Yes, this would be considered a baneful working. And I do not recommend this for children to do or use. If I catch you using this, and you are a literal child or inexperienced. I will scold you. Enough said on that part. You can use it on a person by placing one or two drops on your fingers and then rubbing it on someone whom you are trying to rule over. To give a more depicted example. I had used this oil on many of my exes who I wanted to change their minds or even persuade them into getting me things. NOW YES, I KNOW THAT IT MAY BE MORALLY WRONG FOR SOMEONE TO DO THIS TO A PARTNER. But at the time I was young and I was testing things out. I do know for a fact that this is baneful and as such. I knew what precautionary measures I had to take in order to do it correctly. DON'T DO THIS WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS INTENSE SPIRITS PROTECTING THEM. IT WILL BACKFIRE ON YOU IF YOU ARE TRYING TO CONTROL SOMEONE WHO HAS RELATIVES THAT ARE DEAD AND WILL FIGHT YOU SPIRITUALLY. They throw hands! Now, I use this oil to ward off people who are not in my best interest, and I use it when I need something from them that they are holding out on me, like an opportunity of the sorts. I used it before to gain control of a scenario with someone who would not stop harassing me and would only ever call me when they needed something. So, I did the same but with brujeria and Domination Oil. It helped me because instead of them draining me. I was draining them and controlling their lives up until the point where they lost everything, and I let them go. So given those examples. I hope those help you better understand what this oil can do for you. I hope it helps you acknowledge that this is not an oil to mess around with. It is an item that can not only do harm but can also help. Again, please do not use the Domination Oil if you are a child or if you are inexperienced (not heeding my warning from before about putting it on people who have spirits that protect them heavily). Be safe and be aware.

Te amo con todo mi corazon,


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